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California AfterSchool Network (CAN)/ Foundation for California Community Colleges

County: Statewide

Project Years: YOR I Project (2018-2020)
YOR II Project (2020-2022)
YOR III Project (2022-2024)

YOR I Project Name: Expanded Learning Programs as Centers of Whole Child Health and Wellness

Partner Agencies: The Glen Price Group

Project Description: The purpose of the project was to create positive outcomes for youth and families in Expanded Learning programs by increasing cohesion between education, intervention, public health, health care, behavioral health, social services, and treatment stakeholders. This project would position Expanded Learning programs as key collaborators promoting whole child and family health and wellness. The goal of the project was to engage cross-sector stakeholders in the creation of a statewide strategic plan that leverages Expanded Learning programs as a vehicle to advance child and family wellness. Stakeholders were engaged from the state to the site level to create a cohesive structure for successful local and statewide collaboration across the continuum of care for children and families to address a variety of variables, including substance use.

YOR II Project Name: Equity-Driven Whole Child Health and Wellness: Substance Use Intervention Pathways

Partner Agencies: Boys and Girls Club of Garden Grove, ProYouth, JVH Empower, Sue Nelson Consultant, Glen Price Group

Project Description: This project was designed based on YOR I capacity building efforts to increase access to quality service pathways for youth misusing opioids and/or stimulants. Activities were focused in two counties – Tulare and Orange.  The work was designed to   build sustainable state, organizational, and local-level capacity to continuously improve equity driven whole child health and wellness outcomes. The program convened health, education, expanded learning, mental health, and substance use disorder stakeholders in a networked improvement community designed to integrate authentic youth voice and foster screening and stigma reduction strategies, data sharing partnerships, full access to needed services, and

YOR III Project Name: Expanded Learning Programs as Centers of Whole Child Health and Wellness

Project Description: The California AfterSchool Network (CAN) will increase knowledge of the dangers of Fentanyl, available resources to educate students and families about Fentanyl, and the importance of accessing and training on the use of Naloxone to provide life-saving overdose treatment. CAN will accomplish this through a training and communications campaign.

Primary Contact:
Name: Jeff Davis
Agency: Foundation for California Community Colleges: California AfterSchool Network
Email: jdavis@afterschoolnetwork.org
Phone: 916-325-0854

Website: www.afterschoolnetwork.org