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U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) Office of the Surgeon General and National Action Alliance for Suicide Prevention. 2012 National Strategy for Suicide Prevention: Goals and Objectives for Action. Washington, DC: HHS, September 2012. This revised national strategy emphasizes the role every American can play in protecting friends, family members, and colleagues from suicide. It also provides guidance for schools, businesses, health systems, clinicians, and many other sectors. This guidance considers nearly a decade of research and other advancements in the field since the last strategy was published.
This booklet is a guide to help you take the first steps toward recovery after your suicide attempt. The tools and stories contained come from the experiences of others, some named, some anonymous, who have survived a suicide attempt. It is our hope that their experiences can help you keep yourself safe, develop hope, and, most importantly, remind you that you are not alone.
This guidance document, Addressing the Intersection of Suicide, Overdose, and Adverse Childhood Experiences: Guidance for Adapting Community-Led Suicide Prevention for Local Health Departments, provides information for adapting the key elements of the Community-Led Suicide Prevention Toolkit to assist local health departments and partner organizations in taking a community-led approach to working at the intersection of suicide, overdose, and ACEs.
This is a guide for practitioners providing strategies for addressing the mental health needs of youth.