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Another Choice Another Chance

County: Sacramento

Project Year: YOR III Project (2022-2024)

Program Name: Transcend: Transcend your challenges, embrace your well-being.

Another Choice Another Chance is a non-profit organization (established in 1987) that provides outpatient substance use and mental health counseling services to youth, adults, and families with the objective of reducing the prevalence of mental health and substance abuse in underserved communities. The Transcend program will expand services for young people with or at-risk of an opiate and/or stimulant use disorder to include our new drop-in center, which will target young people (ages 12-24) in Sacramento County.  Transcend will welcome young people of all backgrounds, with an emphasis on marginalized communities, and provide a safe, welcoming, and engaging environment by which to participate in mindfulness-centered enrichment activities, prevention, intervention, and treatment.

Primary Contact:

Name: Okeema Polite, MA, LMFT  
Position: Chief Executive Officer 
Phone: 916-388-9418 Office
Email: opolite@acacsac.org