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BAART Programs

County: San Francisco

Project Year: YOR III Project (2022-2024)

Project Name: BAART Programs Turk Street Youth Opioid Response

Partner Agencies: BayMark Community Health

Project Description: BAART Programs Turk Street Youth Opioid Response will address the opioid epidemic in San Francisco for youth and families by increasing medication assisted treatment services; interventions, health care, and behavioral health to the adolescents and transitional age youth (ages 16-24 with parental consent for age s 16 & 17). The goal of the project is to engage the youth challenged with opioid use disorders in a two-pronged model that includes medication assisted treatment and individual and family counseling with an LCSW and Licensed Psychologist. This project was designed based on SOR I and II capacity building efforts to increase access to quality service pathways for youth misusing opioids. This program builds on the lessons learned and success achieved with funding from the State Opioid Response Grants’ (SOR I and II) Hub and Spoke Projects. The work is designed to build sustainable local-level capacity to continuously improve the opioid response to a diverse and underserved youth population.

Primary Contact:

Name: Evelyn Nelson
Position: Treatment Center Director
Agency: BAART Programs
Email: evelynnelson@baartprograms.com
Phone: (415) 928-7800