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Contra Costa Health Services

County: Contra Costa

Project Year: YOR I Project (2018-2020)

Project Name: Contra Costa Health Services – YOR California

Project Description: Contra Costa Health Services operates school-based clinics at 23 middle and high schools and clinics at four homelessness shelters. The YOR California Project expanded services in four high school clinics and four homeless clinics in West and East Contra Costa County to include screening, intervention and treatment services for youth ages 13-24 years who have or are at risk of an OUD. The intervention and treatment services included MAT with buprenorphine and behavioral health counseling. In addition, the YOR California Project included targeted outreach and engagement activities to high-risk youth in school settings and in homelessness shelters. The grant supported the addition of two new behavioral health clinicians to serve youth with/or at risk of an OUD and one health educator.

Primary Contact:
Name: Alvin Silva
Position: Public Health Clinic Services Director
Agency: Contra Costa Health Services
Email: Alvin.Silva@cchealth.org
Phone: (925) 608-5116

Website: www.cchealth.org

Summary: Contra Costa Health Services Project