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County of Solano Probation Department

County: Solano

Project Year: YOR III Project (2022-2024)

Project Name: Solano County Probation Collaborative Youth OUD/SUD Treatment Program

Project Description: The Solano County Probation Department (SCPD)’s Collaborative Youth OUD/SUD Treatment Program will expand access via a menu of services to reach youth/young adults. The menu brings together four Medi-Cal SUD treatment providers and SCPD to create a network of strategies to reach client youth before/during justice involvement. The program reduces opioid/stimulant use and addiction among vulnerable youth who are justice involved or at-risk for system involvement aged 12-24 in Solano County through a multi-agency collaborative to recruit, assess, and refer youth to prevention, intervention, and treatment programs. Our goals include: 1) Increasing access for youth and young adults to timely, effective, culturally responsive OUD/SUD services; and 2) an overall reduction in at-risk youth developing an OUD/SUD through fortified partnerships and extensive community engagement, prevention, and intervention efforts.

Primary Contact:

Name: Jessica Fraser
Position: Quality Assurance & Implementation Analyst
Agency: Solano County Probation
Email: jafraser@solanocounty.com
Phone: (707) 784-7689

Website: https://www.solanocounty.com/depts/probation/contact/juvediv.asp