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Day One

County: Los Angeles

Project Year: YOR III Project (2022-2024)

Project Name:  Health Ambassador Leadership Program

Project Description:  The Health Ambassador Leadership Program aims to address the opioid epidemic by empowering and engaging young individuals in an action-oriented coalition over a 10-month period. Through monthly meetings, participants develop leadership skills and gain knowledge about opioids, prevention, and interventions, including the use of Naloxone. They learn how to collect peer input using surveys and to increase awareness of support services. Participants create impactful social media posts, engage in community events, and organize youth activities to promote a healthy lifestyle. This program equips youth to effect positive change in their community by fostering leadership skills and raising awareness about opioid-related issues among their peers and their community.

Primary Contact:

Name: Nancy Verdin
Position: Project Director
Email: Nancy@GoDayOne.org
(626) 429-5253

Agency Website:   www.GoDayOne.org