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Eggleston Youth Center

County: Los Angeles

Project Year: YOR III Project (2022-2024)

Project Name: The Eggleston Substance Abuse and Education Project

Description: The Eggleston Substance Abuse and Education Project seeks to reduce unmet treatment need and opioid overdose-related deaths through prevention, treatment, and/or recovery support activities for OUD and for stimulant misuse and use disorders to reduce the impact of the opioid and stimulant crisis on youth and families. In addition, focusing on destigmatizing misinformation about medication-assisted treatment (MAT) for youth with opioid use disorders using language that is selective and purposeful, while advocating for the non-judgmental, non-coercive provision of services and resources for successful outcomes while addressing opioid use disorder OUD/StUDs and overdoses across the continuum of prevention, harm reduction, treatment, and recovery, with a focus on youth/young adult populations and communities at the highest risk of mortality, and with higher barriers to services, including communities of color, justice-involved populations, pregnant women, and subpopulations and expanding access to youth-relevant outreach.

Primary Contact: 

Name: Linda M. Garcia, MBA, CADC-II   
Position: SUD Program Director
Email: lmgarcia@egglestonyouthcenter.org
Phone: (626) 472-6000