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Fort Bragg Police Department, Care Response Unit

County: Mendocino

Project Year: YOR III Project (2022-2024)

Project Name: Project Right Now (Pro re Nata)

Description: Project Right Now (PRN) is a new and innovative approach to addressing substance abuse disorders (SUD) among youth. Based on the highly successful Care Response Unit out of the Fort Bragg Police Department, PRN will not only connect youth with services but will work to make a lifelong impact on clients through true wraparound services.

When a youth with SUD is referred to PRN they are first triaged by a liaison who ensures the youth and their family are connected to all available resources. They are then assigned a Success Coach who meets with them in their homes, at school, and when the youth needs it, not just during business hours.

For those youth with SUD who have become ingrained in the criminal justice system, PRN will work directly with courts, prosecutors, and probation to assist with transitioning youth out of the criminal justice system, and into treatment.

Primary Contact:

Name: Thomas O’Neal
Position: Police Captain
Phone: 707-961-2800 ext. 120
Email: toneal@fortbragg.com