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Hope Rising Lake County

County: Lake

Project Year: YOR II Project (2020-2022)

Project Name: Find Your Way

Partner Agencies:

  • Sunrise Special Services Foundation
  • Lake County Behavioral Health Services
  • Clearlake Youth Center
  • North Coast Opportunities
  • Partnership HealthPlan of California
  • Lake County Office of Education

Project Description: Hope Rising-SafeRx recognizes addiction as a disease and its mission is to reduce the harm the opioid crisis has had on Lake County, where the overdose rate is four times that of the California state average. SafeRx created The Find Your Way campaign through the first round of the Youth Opioid Response (YOR) grant. In YOR 2, SafeRx is building capacity and creating a Youth Advisory Board structure to inform local agencies and schools on gaps in outreach and connection to evidence-based treatment. It is of upmost importance that we address historical and intergenerational trauma and stigma with transitional aged youth and our partnering agencies. Through educational trainings, we wish to ensure that our organization and its partners have a foundation of equity and inclusion, before collaborating with a diverse group of transitional aged youth. Through outreach, social media, and the youth advisory board, SafeRx, along with behavioral health and education partners, are constructively discussing the pathways to success in reducing stigma and breaking down barriers to youth seeking support and evidence-based treatment.

Primary Contact:
Name: Justin Gaddy
Position: Project Director
Agency: Hope Rising Lake County
Email: justin@hoperisinglc.org
Phone: 310-745-4168

Website: www.hoperisinglc.orgwww.findyourwayca.com