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Imperial County Behavioral Health Services

County: Imperial

Project Years: YOR I Project (2018-2020)
YOR II Project (2020-2022)
YOR III Project (2022-2024)

YOR I Project Name: ICBHS Substance Use Disorder Treatment Program – YOR California

Project Description: The YOR California grant project focused on improving and expanding access to OUD and other SUD services that include prevention, treatment, interventions, MAT, and recovery to youth ages 12-24 and their families. ICBHS enhanced outreach and engagement activities by conducting presentations and education in all areas of Imperial County. The YOR California grant supported strengthening partnerships between ICBHS and other community agencies such as law enforcement, mental health, physical health, social services, education, and the LGBT Resource Center.  Activities focused on decreasing the stigma associated with addiction and will increase the support from the community and family members. Outreach and engagement activities were tailored to address the needs of youth and their families. Presentations were delivered for key community members, leaders, and agency directors and management.  These presentations focused on enhancing knowledge on OUD and other SUDs, the elimination of stigma and discrimination, and the need for increased support for the treatment of those in need within our community.

YOR II Project Name: Imperial County Behavioral Health Services-YOR California

Project Description: The Youth Opioid Response (YOR) grant is assisting youth and young adults ages 12 to 24 with opioid use and/or stimulant use disorders (OUD/StUDs) by enhancing the availability of treatment services. ICBHS is ensuring substance use disorder (SUD) services are responsive to youth and young adults, considering their family values, beliefs, norms, socio-economic, and cultural context. ICBHS’ mission is to provide high quality SUD treatment and outreach services to address youth and young adults with SUD and co-occurring disorders by respecting their individuality and cultural diversity. ICBHS provides a non-judgmental environment, which promotes independence and community integration for individuals with the support of family, peers, and the community.

YOR III: Project Name: Imperial County Behavioral Health Services-YOR California

Project Description: ICBHS will utilize YOR California Round 3 grant funds to expand and strengthen outreach efforts to prevent overdoses, reduce emergency department visits, and diminish stigma associated with opioid and stimulant disorder among youth and young adults. Furthermore, ICBHS will focus on addressing the needs of individuals with risk factors that include school truancy, suspensions, involvement in the criminal justice system, experiencing co-occurring disorders, trauma or stigma, involved in the foster care system or aging out, undocumented, LGBTQIA2+ population, and experiencing family problems. Additionally, cultural issues, poverty, language barriers, and lack of education are also risk factors affecting Imperial County.  Services provided through the YOR California grant will promote the enhancement of collaborative relationships with community agencies and school districts that will enable prevention of overdoses and provide retention and successful treatment outcomes for individuals with SUD. These services will support youth and young adults with reintegrating back to the community for a sustained recovery.  

Primary Contacts:
Name: Ana E. Contreras
Position: Project Director
Agency: Imperial County Behavioral Health Services
Email: anacontreras@co.imperial.ca.us
Phone: 442-265-7265

Name: Victoria Mansfield         
Position: Deputy Director
Agency: ICBHS
Email: victoriamansfield@co.imperial.ca.us
Phone: 442-265-7909

Website: https://bhs.imperialcounty.org

Summary: Imperial County Project