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Loma Linda University Medical Center-Department of Emergency Medicine

County: Riverside

Project Year: YOR III Project (2022-2024)

Project Name: LLUEM YOR3 Capacity

Our primary goal is to expand services for youth misusing opioids and/or stimulants by adapting successful models already in place for adults. Capacity grant funding will help:

1. Offer resources and access for the target population with Opioid and/or Stimulant Use Disorder within the Pediatric ED by establishing effective pathways to support youth services and community collaborations.

2. Partnering with Substance Use Navigators and Community Health Workers to facilitate expert services to decrease potential for repeat overdoses and possible death.

3. Identify efficient training of substance use treatment modalities to health care professionals, educational programs, and community outreach in our region.

4. Enhance involvement with Behavioral Medicine Center Addiction Medicine specialists to arrange outpatient resources. The goal for this is to expand capacity to navigate patients to appropriate treatment. This will allow the ED to be a welcoming environment for patients with behavioral health challenges and increased quality of care.

Primary Contact:

Name: Sharmin Kalam, MD
Email: skalam@llu.edu
Phone: (909) 558-4000 x81510