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Marin County Probation Department

County: Marin

Project Years: YOR II Project (2020-2022)
YOR III Project (2022-2024)

Project Name:  YOR Marin County

Partner Agency: BluePath Health, Novato High School, Tomales High School, and San Rafael High School

YOR II Project Description: In an effort to create a more equitable and holistic culture of health for Marin County youth, this program expanded screening and referrals to opioid and stimulant use disorder (OUD/StUD) services for youth in Marin County. This project established three care coordinator positions across three schools—Novato High School, Tomales High School, and San Rafael High School—that are provided referrals for students with OUD/StUDs. Multi-payer provider networks were leveraged to expand referrals to OUD/StUD services for all Marin County youth. The RxSafe Marin Youth Action Team youth advisory group served as a youth advisory on all components of this project, including outreach and education. Strengths and needs of this project were assessed by evaluating aggregated screenings and outcome measures. This data is used to enhance care coordination and create financial sustainability for high school health and wellness.

YOR III Project Description:

The Marin County Probation Department (MCPD) is working with Huckleberry Youth Programs and BluePath Health to implement Marin YOR 3 and continue the work of Marin YOR 2, by providing care navigation services to youth at risk for opioid use disorder (OUD) and stimulant use disorder (StUD) on site at three San Rafael high schools and one middle school; delivering substance use services to those identified with OUD or StUD through on-site clinicians and referrals to external providers; implementing the use of the youth-driven resource guide and a social health network platform closed-loop for referrals; having the OD Free Marin Youth Action Team advise and provide input on all components of this project; and facilitating the Marin 9 to 25 Payer and Funder workgroup to enhance collaboration, guide quality improvement efforts, and develop a place for financial sustainability for middle school and high school health and wellness.

Primary Contact:
Name: Lauren Jacobson
Position: Program Manager
Agency: BluePath Health
Email: lauren.jacobson@bluepathhealth.com
Phone: 516-459-5757

Website: https://www.marin9to25.org/youth-opioid-response-yor