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Mathiesen Memorial Health Clinic

County: Tuolumne

Project Year: YOR II Project (2020-2022)

Project Name: MMHC’s Youth Opioid Response (YOR) Capacity-Building Project 

Project Description: MMHC’s YOR Capacity Building project set the way for MMHC to prepare to serve youth in response to the opioid/substance use crises. The target population is the youth members of the Chicken Ranch Rancheria of Me-Wuk tribe and unaffiliated youth Native American Indians (ages 12 -24) who reside in Tuolumne County. MMHC’s project target population also includes non-tribal youth (ages 12-24) who live in the service area (zip codes 95327 and 95370). MMHC completed a comprehensive assessment, determining assets, gaps, and barriers to youth services. This work included gathering information from youth focus groups. MMHC worked with our newly formed Tribal Local Opioid Coalition (partners/stakeholders) to leverage their expertise and support in developing a comprehensive “Plan.” The Plan provided a pathway forward in addressing youth opioid/stimulant use in our communities and improving opioid and stimulant use disorder prevention, access, and treatment services to our youth.

Primary Contact:
Name: John Vas
Position: CEO
Agency: Mathiesen Memorial Health Clinic
Email: John.Vass@CRIHB.org
Phone: 209-984-4827

Website: https://www.mathiesenclinic.com