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Mind OC

County: Orange

Project Years: YOR I Project (2018-2020)
YOR II Project (2020-2022)
YOR III Project (2022-2024)

YOR I Project Name:  OCMAT4Y (Orange County Medication-Assisted Treatment for Youth)

Partner Agencies: KCS Health Center, Multi-Ethnic Collaborative of Community Agencies (MECCA), Desert Vista Consulting

Project Description:  OCMAT4Y established a care collaborative devoted to building a robust system of SUD care to facilitate access to treatment for Orange County youth and young adults ages 12-24. The goal of OCMAT4Y was to establish infrastructure and build community-based provider capacity to meet the needs of youth and families in Orange County, while also advancing systems change across the broader SUD treatment continuum through the Be Well SUD Leadership Coalition. OCMAT4Y, Mind OC with its partners, achieved the following:

  • provided 668 youth with clinical services, including MAT for 46 individuals
  • 29 providers were newly X-Waivered
  • an array of outreach, education, training, and prevention activities reached at least 15,678 youth, families, providers, and community members
  • social media posts reached more than 72,562 people.

YOR II Project Name: Be Well Orange County Alliance for Youth (BE OCAY)

Partner Agencies: KCS Health Center, Multi-Ethnic Coalition of Community Agencies (MECCA), YoPros Advisory Council

Project Description: BE OCAY successfully built on and expanded our strategy and accomplishments in three domains: 1) clinical services and recovery supports; 2) community-based outreach, education, and training; and 3) cross organizational systems change. BE OCAY is an initiative of Be Well OC, a well-established cross-sector collaborative that works with providers to support vulnerable populations and advance health equity to achieve optimal mental health for Orange County residents. As a collaboration between Be Well OC, KCS Health Center, the Multi-Ethnic Collaborative of Community Agencies (MECCA), YoPros (Youth/Young Professionals Advisory Group), and the cross-sector organizational members of the Be Well Substance Use Disorder (SUD) Leadership Coalition, BE OCAY achieved the following:

  • 2,091 youth screened, 587 referred, 369 evaluated for MAT
  • 119 youth received MAT, 761 youth received recovery services
  • 8,120 potential patients, family/caretakers reached, through leveraging existing and new community forums to spread resources and education regarding MAT and StUD

YOR III Project Name: Be Well Orange County YOR-3

Partner Agencies: KCS Health Center, Multi-Ethnic Coalition of Community Agencies (MECCA)

Project Description: Be Well Orange County YOR-3 will continue and expand prior YOR strategies that increase capacity and access to SUD services for youth ages 12-24. As a collaboration between Be Well OC, KCS Health Center, and the Multi-Ethnic Collaborative of Community Agencies (MECCA), our goal is to enhance referral pathways, improve transitions between care, and create a more integrated system of care and recovery to support youth with substance use disorders. In the short-term, we want to keep young people alive by reducing the number of opioid related overdose deaths for youth ages 12-24.  To do that, we need to come together as partners to educate youth, parents and families, educators, medical and behavioral health providers and community members about the deadly risks of opioid use and ensure people know where to get evidence-based treatment when they need it and how to reverse an opioid overdose when it’s happening.

Primary Contact:
Name: Jennifer Brya
Position: Director of SUD and Community Suicide Prevention Initiatives
Agency: Mind OC
Email: Jennifer.brya@mind-oc.org
Phone: 480-299-5909

Materials and Resources: