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Phoenix Houses of California, Inc.

County: Los Angeles

Project Years: YOR I Project (2018-2020)
YOR II Project (2020-2022)

YOR I Project Name: Youth Unaddicted Program

Project Description: The Phoenix House Youth Unaddicted Program focused on the growing opioid use among teens by:

Organizing outreach and education sessions in its Youth Unaddicted Program (10 sessions in 10 community locations, and one full day “Youth Unaddicted” Conference, reaching a total of 1,000 students);

Offering “Positive Action” group counseling for higher risk youth in community centers, Department of Children and Family Services (DCFS) offices, etc. (using brief interventions based on the evidence-based Positive Action curriculum and serving 750 clients in 12 months); and

Providing access to MAT in the outpatient program (20 clients enrolled in 14 months) to adolescents with opioid dependence in northeast San Fernando Valley, Los Angeles County. The Youth Unaddicted Program will focus on providing skills and resources to high risk youth and young adults through a tiered approach, including outreach and education, 5-week intervention groups targeting highest risk youth who do not yet need treatment, and 4-month outpatient treatment services for those with higher needs.

YOR II Project Name: Phoenix House California – YOR California

Project Description: Phoenix House sought to reduce drug use, especially opioids and stimulants, and stigma among at-promise, low-income, mostly Latinx/o/a youth in San Fernando Valley, Los Angeles County, as well as increase their resilience and life skills, improve their well-being and self-efficacy, and help them succeed in meeting life goals. The constellation of collaborative youth relevant services developed is designed to address unique experiences, interests, and motivations of specific youth/transitional age youth cohorts (low income, Latinx/o/a, homeless, LGBTQ+, youth involved with justice systems and affected by serious mental illness/serious emotional disturbance). Coordinated care, family involvement, and positive youth development enhanced the program’s success.

Primary Contact:
Name: Cory Brosch
Position: Vice President, Clinical Director
Agency: Phoenix House
Email: cbrosch@phoenixhouseca.org
Phone: 714-953-9373 x 4821

Website: https://www.phoenixhouse.org

YOR I Summary: Phoenix House Project