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Public Health Institute, CA Bridge

Counties: Sacramento, Monterey, Riverside, Orange

Project Year: YOR II Project (2020-2022)

Project Name: Youth MAT Pilot Project

Partner Agencies: The four pilot sites are Prescribe Safe Monterey County, University of California at Davis, Children’s Hospital Orange County, and Eisenhower Health, with support from subcontractor Young People in Recovery.

Project Description: Adolescents and young adults are experiencing fast-growing rates of opioid overdose and hospitalization, yet have the lowest rates of access to treatment. A landmark randomized controlled study demonstrated that emergency departments are uniquely positioned to reverse these trends and provide a lifeline to people facing addiction. The hospitals participating in the Youth Medication-Assisted Treatment (MAT) Pilot Project explored the effectiveness of youth treatment from the hospital setting by using focused outreach and education for substance use disorder (SUD) treatment to better serve this vulnerable population. They focused on youth-specific screening, assessment and referral, and youth-specific MAT prescribing, with an emphasis on family and caregiver engagement and recovery support services.

Primary Contact:
Name: Elizabeth Keating
Position: Clinical Program Director, CA Bridge
Agency: CA Bridge/Public Health Institute
Email: ekeating@cabridge.org
Phone: 718-306-2284

Website: https://cabridge.org/solution/our-work/youth-mat-pilot