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Somali Family Services

County: San Diego

Project Year: YOR III Project (2022-2024)

Project Name: Somali Familly Services – Leaders In Our Neighborhood Refugee Opioid Awareness and Restoration (LION ROAR) Program

Project Description: Somali Family Service of San Diego’s Leaders In Our Neighborhood Refugee Opioid Awareness and Restoration (LION ROAR) Program empowers refugee and immigrant youth representing a diversity of refugee and immigrant communities including Somali, Swahili and Middle Eastern communities. As ROAR Advisory Group members and Peer Supporters, youth engage in leadership training and learn how to address substance use disorders and addiction in a culturally-appropriate manner including how to combat cultural stigmas which often create barriers to prevention and treatment. Youth participate in educational workshops and webinars, support group sessions, presentations and trainings designed to bolster awareness of how to become civically engaged to promote community health and wellness.

Primary Contact:

Name: Mustafa Sahid
Position: Director of Operations
Email: msahid@sfssd.org
Phone: (619) 265-5821 ext. 208

Agency website: www.somalifamilyservice.org