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The Teen Project, Inc.

Counties: Los Angeles, Orange

Project Years: YOR I Project (2018-2020)
YOR II Project (2020-2022)

YOR I Project Name: The Teen Project – YOR California

Project Description: The purpose of the proposed project was  to expand The Teen Project’s continuum of treatment services dedicated to female foster youth, throw away youth, and survivors of human trafficking to include outpatient treatment services, MAT services, and opioid awareness and addiction prevention community outreach training. The Orange County outpatient treatment center is less than two miles from our main residential site, Vera’s Sanctuary, and will support a similar population. Addiction and opioid education in the community is the backbone of our outreach.

YOR II Project Name: Project SYLO (Street Youth Locate & Outreach)

Partner Agencies: Youth Moving On/Hillsides and McMillen Foundation

Project Description: TTP works exclusively with youth ages 18-24 who are experiencing homelessness or at-risk and is focusing on outreach and treatment for youth with opioid and/or stimulant use disorders (OUD/StUDs). Outreach workers are sent to the streets where youth who are homeless live, socialize, and engage in substance use, placing them at significant risk of overdose and death. Our team of professionals work to surround participating youth with quality care and services, including Medication-Assisted Treatment and other substance use disorder treatment and recovery services, housing resources, job training and employment search assistance, vocational training, benefits access, and health insurance coverage. Aftercare plans include ongoing case management as needed through our outpatient continuum, 12-Step support groups, and a relapse outreach plan. TTP developed billboard ads, social media posts, and mobile technologies to engage youth. We want our clients to know that relapse is part of recovery and entrust that TTP will guide them throughout their journey.

Primary Contacts:
Name: Lauri Burns
Position: Executive Director
Agency: The Teen Project, Inc.
Phone: (949) 283-1260

Name: Maria Rum-Aharonian
Position: Program Coordinator
Agency: The Teen Project, Inc.
Phone: 818-582-8832

Website: www.THETEENPROJECT.com