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Valley Health Associates

Counties: Monterey, San Benito

Project Years: YOR I Project (2018-2020)
YOR II Project (2020-2022)

YOR I: Capacity Building Project Name: Text Messaging Treatment Support

Project Description: Valley Health Associates implemented a multimodal youth outpatient program involving the use of mobile text messaging to increase treatment success rates for youth and young adults experiencing substance use disorders.

Goal 1: Conduct a feasibility study of introducing a mobile health text messaging platform for use with youth and young adults recovering from opioid addiction.

Goal 2: Develop statistics from data, to establish a baseline, for assessing the success of the multi-modal intervention involving youth and young adults.

YOR II Direct Service  Project Name: Medication-Assisted Treatment (MAT) for Youth

Partner Agencies: Baktun12 and Harmony at Home

Project Description: Valley Health Associates and partners set out to reduce youth overdoses and the number of youth with opioid/stimulant use disorders (OUD/StUDs) who are incarcerated by increasing access to treatment—especially MAT. The path of the system’s delivered punishment experienced by youth with OUD/StUDs is substantially altered to a pathway of treatment through the development of youth empowerment and leadership through systems- and policy-change advocacy and outreach and increasing access to OUD/StUDs treatment and recovery services for youth (12-24) and their families.

Primary Contacts:
Name: Amy Bravo
Position: Executive Director
Agency: Valley Health Associates
Email: amy.vha@att.net
Phone: (831) 424-6655 ext. 14

Name: Lynne Glover
Position: Interim Executive Director
Agency: Valley Health Associates
Email: lglover@valleyhealthassociates.com
Phone: 831-424-6655 Ext. 23

Website: www.valleyhealthassociates.com

YOR I Summary: Valley Health Associates Project