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West County Health Centers

County: Sonoma

Project Year: YOR III Project (2022-2024)

Project Name: West County Health Youth Services School Partnership

Partners: West Sonoma County Union High School District- Analy High School & Laguna High School, Guerneville Unified School District


As part of a network of community-based organizations, West County Health Centers will backbone and provide direct care and supportive services for students and families with opioid, stimulant and other substance use or misuse disorders within the school environment. This Community School model, in which collaborative services are offered where students and families congregate and systems of services are already connected, allows for a more natural space for integrated addiction and behavioral health services. 

This grant will allow for training for staff, community and peers, about harm-reduction, substance use assessment, treatment options, referral to care, care management support, and stigma reduction; MAT for students and families with substance use disorder; psychiatric assessment and treatment for co-morbid mental health disorders; care management and care coordination for students and families; peer training and co-design around support and engagement programs; needle exchange; and Naloxone distribution. 

Primary Contact:  

Name: Erin Elo 
Position: Youth & Gender Services Manager 
Email: eelo@wchealth.org 
Phone: 707-887-0427 

Website: https://www.wchealth.org/service/youth-services/