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Young People in Recovery

Counties: Los Angeles, Orange, San Bernardino, San Diego, Merced, Shasta, Fresno, San Francisco, Santa Barbara, Alameda

Project Year: YOR II Project (2020-2022)

Project Name: Young People in Recovery (YPR)

Project Description: YPR chapters support people in or seeking recovery by providing the following services: an alternative peer group, life-skills workshops, regular all-recovery meetings, and pro-social activities. Chapters also advocate on the local, state, and federal levels for the interests of the recovery community. Within the state of California, YPR has 14 operating chapters located in cities across the state extending all the way from San Diego to Redding. Each of these chapters provides recovery support services, in addition to establishing partnerships with other community organizations to promote access to harm reduction and Medication-Assisted Treatment services (where applicable). As a capacity-building grantee, YPR began to expand our community services by training and distributing Naloxone through our project coordinators. With the help of a consulting firm, YPR undertook broadening our understanding of the recovery community through diversity, equity, and inclusion professional development.

Primary Contact:
Name: Saraiha Sampson
Position: California Program Manager
Email: Saraiha.Sampson@youngpeopleinrecovery.org
Phone: 424-345-4790

Website: www.Youngpeopleinrecovery.org