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Youth Drug & Addiction Education Initiative (YDAEI)

Counties: San Francisco, Alameda, San Mateo

Project Year: YOR III Project (2022-2024)

Project Name: Youth Organization and Community Outreach

Description:  The Youth Drug & Addiction Education Initiative partners with local youth organizations to raise awareness of the fentanyl crisis and how one pill can kill. We share facts about how fentanyl has contaminated the illicit drug supply chain fueling accidental overdose deaths.  We provide toolkits that include educational materials and referral information on how to access treatment programs.  Our science and facts-based program introduces the brain’s reward system concept to help youth understand how addiction develops in the brain and the effects of drugs on vital organs to allow them to develop their own perspective on drugs using the knowledge they acquired from the program as a foundation.  We encourage open dialogues about drugs in youth programs and families to remove the stigma associated with substance use and treatment programs. 

Primary Contact:

Name: Cari Lee
Position: Interim Program Director
Email: caril@ydaei.org
Phone: 650-302-4970

Agency Web Site: https://www.ydaei.org/