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UCFS Division of Adolescent and Young Adult Medicine, University of California, San Francisco

Counties: San Francisco, Marin, Alameda, Contra Costa, San Mateo

Project Year: YOR I Project (2018-2020)

YOR I Project Name: Expanding Access to Evidence-Based Treatment for Youth with Addiction

Partner Agencies (Subcontractors): Boston Children’s Hospital Adolescent Substance Use and Addiction Program (ASAP)

Project Description: For over 40 years, the UCSF Division of Adolescent & Young Adult Medicine has provided exemplary and innovative health care services and has trained health care professionals and scholars from a variety of disciplines at the graduate and postgraduate education level. As such, our project has three important aims:

  • To expand access to evidence-based addiction treatment (including MAT) for youth through our Youth Outpatient Substance Use Program (YoSUP)
  • To facilitate excellent training in youth addiction medicine for California’s pediatric providers through the UCSF Youth Addiction Medicine Training Program
  • To build a collaborative network of youth addiction treatment providers in the San Francisco Bay Area and throughout California

With support from YOR California, we will lead efforts to ensure that developmentally appropriate and evidence-based treatment options become the standard of care for California youth struggling with addiction.

YOR II Project Name: UCSF Youth Outpatient Substance Use Program (YoSUP)

Primary Contact:
Name: Veronika Mesheriakova, M.D.
Position: Director
Agency: University of California San Francisco
Email: YoSUP@ucsf.edu
Phone: 415-514-7604

Website: https://youthsubstanceuse.ucsf.edu

Summary: UCSF Project