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California Consortium of Addiction Programs and Professionals

Project Name: SUD Youth Specialty Credential

Description: CCAPP is the largest statewide consortium of community-based for-profit and nonprofit substance use disorder treatment agencies and addiction-focused professionals, providing services to over 100,000 California residents annually. CCAPP is the only statewide consortium representing all modalities of SUD treatment programs and professionals, which includes adolescents. CCAPP is proud to trailblaze a new specialty credential for existing SUD counselors to be recognized for youth and adolescent competency. Adolescents will hold a platform on the implementation of this education and share their voice, directly influencing CCAPP’s new youth credential. By educating existing counselors, CCAPP will empower them to reach their communities with confidence knowing their credential matches the incredible work they do for their community. The next generation deserves a fighting chance against SUD; this new specialty credential will match our needs to improve our communities indefinitely.

Primary Contact:

Name: Stephanie Borkovec
Position: Public Relations
Phone: (714) 269-0304
Email: communications@ccapp.us,

Agency Web Site: https://ccapp.us

Health Improvement Partnership of Santa Cruz County

Partner Agency: Santa Cruz County Office of Education, SafeRx Santa Cruz County

Project Name: SafeRx Youth Care Integration

YOR II Project Description: SafeRx Santa Cruz County, an opioid and substance use prevention and safety coalition, and Santa Cruz County Office of Education’s Schools Integrated Behavioral Health Initiative (SIBHI) partnered to develop and expand Santa Cruz County capacity to overcome barriers to youth treatment and Medication-Assisted Treatment (MAT) access. Youth treatment needs, driven by information collected from key informants, was integrated into coalition meetings and projects, including material creation, MAT expansion, and naloxone distribution. This project increased awareness among youth, families, and school staff about existing treatment options, as well as working to identify and fill gaps. There were increased interagency connections through networking and enrollment in a new county-wide closed loop social service referral system.   

Project Name: Adolescent and Young Adult (AYA) SUD Learning Collaborative

YOR III Project Description: SafeRx Santa Cruz County (SafeRx) is a multi-sector substance safety coalition dedicated to aligning best practices around overdose prevention. SafeRx is housed under the Health Improvement Partnership of Santa Cruz County, a non-profit coalition of 26 local public and private healthcare organizations.

SafeRx seeks to address access, capacity and knowledge gaps related to MAT for youth (ages 12-24) within the Santa Cruz, San Benito, and Monterey Tri-County region through developing an Adolescent and Young Adult (AYA) SUD Learning Collaborative. Key partners include Santa Cruz Community Health clinics and the Central Coast Overdose Prevention Coalition consisting of champion MAT providers, clinical staff, youth, and youth-serving organizations convening to strategize improved MAT access for youth. 

The Goals of AYA:

  1. Elevate the lived experiences of youth around SUDs
  2. Expand Tri-County youth MAT provider networks
  3. Highlight and share best practices around MAT for youth
  4. Host expert speakers, facilitate peer learning and review case studies

Primary Contacts:

Name: Suzette Reuschel-DiVirgilio 
Position: Behavioral Health Programs Director
Email: srdivirgilio@hipscc.org

Name: Rita Hewitt
Position: Behavioral Health Program Manager
Agency: Health Improvement Partnership
Email: rita@hipscc.org

Website: https://hipscc.org/saferx 

County of Solano Probation Department

Project Name: Solano County Probation Collaborative Youth OUD/SUD Treatment Program

Project Description: The Solano County Probation Department (SCPD)’s Collaborative Youth OUD/SUD Treatment Program will expand access via a menu of services to reach youth/young adults. The menu brings together four Medi-Cal SUD treatment providers and SCPD to create a network of strategies to reach client youth before/during justice involvement. The program reduces opioid/stimulant use and addiction among vulnerable youth who are justice involved or at-risk for system involvement aged 12-24 in Solano County through a multi-agency collaborative to recruit, assess, and refer youth to prevention, intervention, and treatment programs. Our goals include: 1) Increasing access for youth and young adults to timely, effective, culturally responsive OUD/SUD services; and 2) an overall reduction in at-risk youth developing an OUD/SUD through fortified partnerships and extensive community engagement, prevention, and intervention efforts.

Primary Contact:

Name: Jessica Fraser
Position: Quality Assurance & Implementation Analyst
Agency: Solano County Probation
Email: jafraser@solanocounty.com
Phone: (707) 784-7689

Website: https://www.solanocounty.com/depts/probation/contact/juvediv.asp

Eggleston Youth Center

Project Name: The Eggleston Substance Abuse and Education Project

Description: The Eggleston Substance Abuse and Education Project seeks to reduce unmet treatment need and opioid overdose-related deaths through prevention, treatment, and/or recovery support activities for OUD and for stimulant misuse and use disorders to reduce the impact of the opioid and stimulant crisis on youth and families. In addition, focusing on destigmatizing misinformation about medication-assisted treatment (MAT) for youth with opioid use disorders using language that is selective and purposeful, while advocating for the non-judgmental, non-coercive provision of services and resources for successful outcomes while addressing opioid use disorder OUD/StUDs and overdoses across the continuum of prevention, harm reduction, treatment, and recovery, with a focus on youth/young adult populations and communities at the highest risk of mortality, and with higher barriers to services, including communities of color, justice-involved populations, pregnant women, and subpopulations and expanding access to youth-relevant outreach.

Primary Contact: 

Name: Linda M. Garcia, MBA, CADC-II   
Position: SUD Program Director
Email: lmgarcia@egglestonyouthcenter.org
Phone: (626) 472-6000

Another Choice Another Chance

Program Name: Transcend: Transcend your challenges, embrace your well-being.

Another Choice Another Chance is a non-profit organization (established in 1987) that provides outpatient substance use and mental health counseling services to youth, adults, and families with the objective of reducing the prevalence of mental health and substance abuse in underserved communities. The Transcend program will expand services for young people with or at-risk of an opiate and/or stimulant use disorder to include our new drop-in center, which will target young people (ages 12-24) in Sacramento County.  Transcend will welcome young people of all backgrounds, with an emphasis on marginalized communities, and provide a safe, welcoming, and engaging environment by which to participate in mindfulness-centered enrichment activities, prevention, intervention, and treatment.

Primary Contact:

Name: Okeema Polite, MA, LMFT  
Position: Chief Executive Officer 
Phone: 916-388-9418 Office
Email: opolite@acacsac.org


The Project Name: Youth Advocacy and Treatment Program (YAT)

Partners: Santa Monica-Malibu Unified School District

Description:  The CLARE|MATRIX (C|M) Youth Advocacy and Treatment Program (YAT) will serve 35 youth aged 12-24 within 14-months. The YAT program will expand upon current C|M youth prevention programs such as Clarity for Youth within the Santa Monica-Malibu Unified School District. The program objectives for YAT participants age 12-17 will include SUD education; family therapy and education; individual and group SUD therapy; MAT education and referral services; linkages to external community resources/services; 12-step introduction for teens; peer support; sober fun activities; and the opportunity to be a part of a youth advocacy and advisory panel. Program objectives from YAT participants aged 18-24 will include all those listed above, as well as withdrawal management, gender-specific residential treatment, and outpatient treatment services, including medication assisted treatment. Additionally, C|M will build additional community partnerships to expand services to more youth across Los Angeles County communities, with a special focus placed on reaching youth in SPA 5 and 6. 

Primary Contact:

Name: Dara Yomjinda
Position: Senior Director of Clinical Operations
Email: Dyomjinda@Clarematrix.org
Phone: 310-314-6200

Web Site: https://www.clarematrix.org/treatment/who-we-serve/youth/